Many people believe that if it's new, it's perfect. But that's far from the case with a new building. Contractors will take shortcuts to meet construction deadlines, leaving you with an imperfect home or business building. Don't let those shortcuts be your downfall. Call Home Inspection Pros for a complete visual examination of your newly constructed unit.

We perform new construction inspections in Marietta, GA and the surrounding areas. Our team evaluates newly constructed residential and commercial buildings to make sure they are up to code. Contact us as soon as possible after the completion of your project for a thorough inspection.

What will we check for in your new home or commercial building?

Home Inspection Pros will inspect every inch of your new building, from the roof to the foundation. Call us a couple days before the final walk-through with your builder. This way, you can easily discuss the report findings with the project manager and rectify any issues as quickly as possible. Our team will:

Verify that gas, electric and water are turned on

Check HVAC unit and appliances for proper performance

Inspect all windows and doors for proper sealing

Evaluate the foundation for water pools and puddles

You're in the final stretch. Make sure everything is up to par before you sign on the dotted line. Contact Home Inspection Pros as soon as possible to schedule your new construction inspection in Marietta, GA and surrounding areas.